Some Yum Rum Recipes.

Spiced Rum & Ginger Ale

25-50ml Spiced Rum
Ginger Ale
Ice and orange wedge
to garnish.

Optional - Bitter


50ml  White rum
15ml - 20ml Simple syrup
½ Lime - Soda-Pelargonium leaves
( we recommend the peppermint  variety )

Muddled lime together with the simple syrup and rum.
Bash peppermint pelargonium leaves and muddle slightly
Top up with ice and soda and serve with a pelargonium leaf.


25ml-50ml  Spiced Rum


25ml White Rum
100ml Soda Water
1 Lime
1 Granadilla
2 rooibos teabags
125ml boiling water
¼ tsp of sugar

Brew tea with sugar and allow to chill completely. Mix the juice of 1 lime, pulp of a granadilla and a few mint leaves.
Then add tea.
Fill a tumbler with crushed ice, pour over rum add the iced tea. Top up glass with soda and garnish


50ml  Cape Rum
25ml Coconut Water
15ml Medium Cream Sherry
10ml Lemon juice
15ml Elderflower Syrup

Optional – Absinth Garnish – Dried Orange Wheel

Shake together all the ingredients in ashaker with ice and stain over large ice block in glass of choice.


50ml White Rum
25ml Rosso Vermouth
3 drops Orange Bitters

Optional – Absinth Spray


50ml Cape Rum
25ml Lime Juice
15ml Lavender Syrup

Optional : 2-3 drops of bitters

In a shaker add all the ingredients over ice and shake well. Fine strain into coupe glass and garnish with lavender and lime


50ml   Cape Rum
10ml  Chocolate and Peach Reduction
3 dashes  of bitters
Garnish with Dark Chocolate 

To make  the Chocolate and Peach Reduction
250g Peach  Jam
30g Dark chocolate and 200ml old white wine.

Place jam  and the chocolate into a pan at a low heat allow to melt  and slowly add wine let the mixture reduce till it's at a  nice syrup texture (40-80mins) 


( Serves 4 )
2 cups double thick cream
4 whole cardamom pods
- lightly crushed
1 vanilla pod
- sliced and seeded
180 g Honest Dark Chocolate
- roughly chopped
4 shots Cape Rum

Choc chip cookies, crushed

In a medium sauce pan heat the milk, cream, cardamom pods and vanilla till warm but not boiling.

Remove from heat and remove the cardamom pods and vanilla pod. Add the chocolate and stir till completely melted. Add the rum and mix till incorporated. Top with marshmallows and crushed choc chip cookies.

Alternatively brulé the marshmallows with a blow torch.